Today's Date: 28-06-2017
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Dear students, both new and continuing:

Dean of Students’ Word of Welcome to Students
As the new Academic year starts we wish to welcome the new student entrants to St. John’s University of Tanzania, Main Campus here in Dodoma. It is a great opportunity for you to get a place for studies at this university.  We also warmly welcome back our continuing students after their long vacation believing that they will once again make good use of their time here at St John’s University like they did last academic year. For both new and continuing students we say “Bravo!” for the success they have scored to merit an entry or a come back respectively, into St John’s University of Tanzania.

Orientation Programme
The orientation programme starts on the 6th October, 2014 at 8:00am. The BA Ed, BSc Ed, BBA and BA Theology students should report at the University Administration Building on Sunday 5th so that on 6th October, 2014 they will be in the Assembly Hall to attend the orientation.

To ‘orient’ means to give or show direction.  In the sense we are using the word, it means making the new student familiar with St John’s University of Tanzania community life and academic studies programmes. A fresh student who will fail to attend the orientation course will have problems adjusting him/herself for the academic year 2014/2015 at the university. So to avoid allowing whole year ignorance about life at St. John’s, each and every new student must struggle and make sure he/she attends this extremely informative orientation programme.

Summary of Dean of Students Office Responsibilities
(for the fresh students to note)

  1. The Dean of Students office looks after student welfare. It is the place in the university where student welfare, student social needs and sometimes academic aspirations are expressed and in most cases realized. While this office does not solve all student problems, it strives to show how a problem can be solved, such as referring students to offices which are relevant to the problem a student has.
  1. Another major function of the office of the Dean of Students is to deal with student accommodation inside the university campus and out of campus.

    (a) The University provides on-campus accommodation to students in five halls of residence (dormitories) with a capacity of 700 beds. Since it is not possible to accommodate all our students who want to stay on-campus, room allocation is on a first come-first served basis. That is, we accommodate students on the basis of an early application, matched with an early payment for the room, as indicated in the application form displayed on the university website. New and continuing students are invited to send their applications for accommodation and pay for the room early enough to deserve consideration and subsequent room allocation. Application season for new students is after the university has sent out to them joining instructions where-in application forms are included.

    (b) Of prime importance is ensuring that student safety and security are guaranteed in both on-campus and off-campus hostels. We have a University participatory security program by the name Polisi Jamii which helps awaken student awareness to personal and community safety and security. There are Polisi Jamii student groups which help the Police by giving information about bandits and where they hang around. Fresh students are invited to join these Polisi Jamii groups. We invite all students to be part of the security keeping force under the Polisi Jamii   security programme to make the campus and off-campus hostels safe places to live in.
  1. The Dean of Students office helps instil into students a civic culture which encourages integration of students from diverse conditions or backgrounds such as nationality, tribe, colour, religion or physical ability, where students objectively learn to respect and tolerate the differences existing among them. That respect and tolerance of each other are the foundation of good leadership in a plural society.
  1. The Dean of student acts as ombudsman (some kind of an intercessor) between students, staff and parents regarding student problems and concerns.
  1. The Dean of Students Office enforces university policies on student affairs and regulates interpersonal conduct and relations between students. He also enforces the student code of conduct. Every student must appreciate that in the university where student numbers run to near 6000, without law and order nobody is going to live here peacefully.

We wish for both fresh and continuing students a brisk and successful start of the new academic year 2014/2015.  May the Almighty God bless you and your work all the year.

Signed: Dean of Students
(For vice chancellor)


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