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The Faculty of Natural and Applied Science (FaNAS):

 B.Sc. (Education)
This three year degree programme, with majors in Biology, Chemistry Physics and Mathematics, aims:
     To educate and train science teachers with excellent pedagogical skills.
     To empower students to become high quality teachers.
     To equip students to apply modern teaching methods using available equipment to its best advantage, improvising where necessary.
     To develop teachers to use a wide range of practical techniques.


These courses are offered by the Faculty of Natural and Applied Science to all students parsuing degree programmes concerning Education
          • Principles of Education
          • Educational Psychology ·
          • Curriculum Development & Teaching ·
          Natural and Social Science Teaching Methods
          Measurement and Evaluation in Education ·
          • Educational Guidance and Counselling
          Management of Education and School Administration ·
          Educational Media and Technology · Teaching Practice


University wide courses
 The following courses are offered to all students:
      Development Studies
      Communication Skills
      Computing skills 


FaNAS are being planned to offer
      B.Sc. (Rural Development and Agri-Business)
      B.Sc. (Information and Communication Technology)

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