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The Inaugural SJUT Research Conference

Research and Consultancy at St John’s University

The university encourages staff to undertake research in all areas consistent with our vision and mission statements.  This we focus particularly on research that will help to serve people throughout the wider community.

Staff are active in many areas including policy advice, environmental degradation and conservation, alternative fuel sources, indigenous plants and products especially for medicinal treatments, health, business management, and research uptake management.  Several staff members are pursuing PhDs, working either completely or partly in countries around the world.  All Masters students spend a minimum of six months full time on a research study as part of their training.

Staff are encouraged to undertake limited consultancy work to assist in community and national development.  All consultancy work has to be approved by the university.  Consultancies are usually undertaken by staff working on behalf of the university (institutional consultancies). In these cases the university assumes responsibility for monitoring the quality of the research.  Occasionally some staff may undertake private work, provided this is reported to the university via the Directorate of Research and Consultancy.  In these cases the university takes no responsibility for the quality of the work. 

The Directorate of Research and Consultancy is responsible for the management and monitoring of all research within the university, and for policy formulation and implementation in relation to research, consultancy, publications and research uptake.  It is involved with promoting research activity, and dissemination of research by SJUT staff to university stakeholders.  This includes providing staff with information about research funding opportunities, training in proposal writing and project management, developing research uptake management and communication of research, as well as general staff capacity building and academic development in research. The Directorate continues to develop links with organisations and individuals within and outside Tanzania to assist and promote research.

The Directorate is advised by the University Research and Consultancy committee (URCC) and the University Internal Review Committee (IRC). The Directorate supports and monitors the progress of SJUT staff pursuing Doctoral studies outside SJUT, and is responsible for the development and management of Doctoral Programmes within SJUT.   In addition the Directorate contributes to programmes to improve overall academic quality in teaching and administration, as well as providing inputs to undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. It is situated on the main University (Mazengo) campus in Dodoma, and was established as a separate directorate in May 2012.

Research and Consultancy Policy 2013
Regulations on Ethics in Research 2103
SJUT Publishing Regulations 2013
Regulations For The Award Of Doctoral And Honorary Degrees 2013

The DRC team:
Dr Angela Savage (Acting Director)
Ms Saphrina Assay (Academic Publishing Editor)

Cliff Studman,  Honorary Professor of Research, (PhD  Cantab, DipEd,  Massey, BSc (Hons) East Anglia)

For further information contact:


Application for ethical approval for a research project (staff)

Application for ethical approval for a SJUT Masters student research project

Preparing a Research Proposal and Report

Developing an Interview Schedule

Guidelines for Masters Students Drafting Questionnaires

Informed Consent Guidelines

Observation in Research

Regulations on ethics in Research Approved by senate August 2012, Approved by council April 2013

Research and Consultancy policy Approved by Senate March 2011, reviewed and Approved August 2012

Publishing Regulations

SJUT Dissertation Guidelines

SJUT Ethics Application Form Guidelines

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