Welcome Note Welcome to the Office of Dean of Students (DoS) at the St John’s University of Tanzania (SJUT) Main Campus, Located nearby Lecture Theatre (LT) 5 and 6. Dean of students’ Office (Photo) The Office of Dean of Students is managing the Department of Students Welfare and administration such as accommodation, and recreation in liaison with other University relevant officials. The office also tries to coordinate the career counselling services to students and guidance services in the University, to make sure the students are comfortable with their studies. We give guidance to students on the observance of university regulations and students by-laws. However, the Office of Dean of Students manages halls of residence and staff working there. Our office also tries to chair the Cafeteria Management Committee and the Special Committee on Students’ Health services; for the general purpose of making the student comfortable when they pursue their studies. Furthermore, the Office coordinates career counselling and jobs placement for field students and allocation of jobs to students in vacations. Orientation session is part of our tasks when we start a new academic year, it aims to make new students aware with the environment of their studies and hence to cope with this new environment. The Office works with the Students Organization, to advise students in the operation of the University Students Organization and to supervise the conduct of general election of the Organization Leadership. Nevertheless, the Dean of Students office assists the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Planning, Finance and Administration) in enforcing the University Students By-Law and Regulations. The tasks which the office does reflect the general welfare for the students, to make sure students are comfortable in their studies and hence achieve their destiny and serve people using their knowledge wherever they could work within and outside the country after the accomplishment of their studies. Regardless of the discussed tasks but also the office of Dean deals with the social issues related to students, when they live here, for instance, death, shortage of income, clearance, letter writing within or outside the country, to receive postponement or resume forms, handlecases or conflict management, sickness for students, recover the loss of things among students, and NHIF Students Registration. STAFFING At St John’s University in the office of Dean of Students, there are four staff who works in the office, though they work together in a team work. The office has Dean of Students, who oversees all activities in the office. There is a Janitor who supervise the whole issue of accommodation, Students’ Advisor who is a and Students’ counsellor. Hereunder, there are the profiles of everyone in the office DOS FULL-TIME STAFF
Mr. Johaiven Revelian Bikongolo, Dean of Students MA. Education, BA. Education (SJUT) and Dip Education (Butimba TC) Phone Number: 0753-993475 Email Address: jbikongolo@sjut.ac.tz St John’s University of Tanzania P.O. Box 47 Dodoma. Revd. Patrick Mnkai Bendera, Student Advisor/Counsellor MA.Th.&Cont. (St John’s University of Tanzania – Dodoma), BA.&Mgt. (St John’s University of Tanzania – Dodoma), Dipl. Th. (St. Mark’s Theological College – Dar-es-Salaam). Phone Number: 0653-487447 Email Address: pbendera@sjut.ac.tz St John’s University of Tanzania P.O. Box 47 Dodoma.
Edgar Luambano, Janitor (Hostel Supervisor) LLB in Progress (OUT) Dip in Law (St John’s University of Tanzania), Cert in Law (St John’s University of Tanzania) Phone Number: 0769-904197 Email Address: eluambano@sjut.ac.tz St John’s University of Tanzania P.O. Box 47 Dodoma. Ms. Eliamani Swai, Student Counsellor Msc. Environmental Studies (Health), Bsc. Environmental Studies (Management) (OUT) and Dip Mental Health (Alison University) Phone Number: 0759-267630 Email Address: eswai@sjut.ac.tz St John’s University of Tanzania P.O. Box 47 Dodoma.