Tuition Fees Payment
Tuition and other fees for the entire 2021/2022 Academic Years are due and payable prior to registration. Rent for on-campus accommodation for the entire year is due and payable at registration. The University shall, however, allow these payments to be split into parts as described below. Delayed payment is allowable with penalty as described below. Students should commence attending classes pending finalization of payment in order to meet attendance requirements.
Students or their sponsors shall deposit payments into the following University accounts and present original bank pay-in slips at registration and the University will issue an identity card for the current semester, which will permit them to attend classes or use any of its facilities.

Private Sponsored Students
Private students, including those being sponsored by employers or other agencies, must pay 50% of annual tuition and 100% of other fees to register for 1st semester and must pay the entire balance to register for 2nd semester.

Loans Board Students
First year students expecting to receive loans from HESLB must provide evidence that they will receive such a loan and must pay 100% of other fees, which total TZS 280,000/-, to register for 1st semester, regardless of the loan they expect to receive. These students must pay the amount required to bring tuition up to 50% of annual tuition based on their allocations. Continuing students who received a loan in the previous year must pay the amount to cover the gap between their loan level and 50% of annual tuition and 100% of other fees to register for 1st semester. The other fees total TZS 80,000/- for continuing students who are not in their final year and TZS 160,000/- for final year students

On-Campus Accommodation
The University has limited accommodation facilities and therefore shall give priority to students with disabilities, female students from outside Dodoma and foreign students. Accommodation is made available based on a first come first served basis. Names of students who have been allocated with a room will be published on our website,, at least three weeks prior to opening. Allocated students shall read the SJUT Accommodation Policy, available on our website, and deposit the required amount within seven days before opening of the University. Cost for on-campus accommodation is shown here below, with one half due for 1st Semester and the balance due for 2nd Semester. While payment may be divided by semester, accommodation is contracted for the FULL Academic Year. Students must pay the balance for the year before they may register for 2nd Semester, whether they continue to reside on-campus or not. The University has made arrangements to secure appropriate accommodation off-campus but the services are not guaranteed. Students shall enter into private arrangements directly with the off-campus private accommodation provider.